Custom Ibanez refret

This beautiful early 70s custom Ibanez received a refret with Dunlop narrow Jumbo frets and a set of Seymour Duncan 59s. It left playing and sounding better than it did from its factory 50 years ago.

Vintage SG Gibson

A stand out guitar was this beautiful 60s vintage SG Gibson. In for a standard setup it left playing like a dream with piano like intonation. Just the way any great vintage guitar should!

LH Strat custom work

This LH Strat setup for right hand playing came in for some custom work. Booked for a full fretboard scalloping, deluxe setup and full Dimarzio pickup install it left playing like a Malmsteen signature Strat and sounds amazing.

Spector Bass

This lovely Spector 5 received a deluxe setup with attention to fretwork, crowning and electronics. It left playing like a dream ready for its next gig.

Custom Asuka Telecaster

A recent repair was this way cool Fender Japan Custom Asuka Telecaster. It was in for a Deluxe setup and went back to its owner playing like a dream, intonating perfectly and sounding rich with piano like clarity and note seperation.

Vintage EM325C

This vintage EM325C came in for a Deluxe setup. It received a fret dress, full crowning and fret polish. Action lowered at nut, bridge and truss rod adjusted and more. Matons are a speciality, having worked on hundreds of them over the years.